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Virtual assistants (VA) for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams

Time Is Money. Why Waste Both When You Can Outsource?

At RoxNet Solutions, we take time to get to know you and your business. We walk you through the process on how to get started, where you need support, and who will be the best fit for you. And then, we virtually do everything virtual to prodvide virtual solutions for you.

Saving your business, one task at a time

Your schedule is tedious, your deadlines are nearing, you have buisness tasks that are screaming for help, and your “to do” list is endless. This is why you need a RoxNet Virtual Assistant.

Our VAs have all the skills to become your favourite business superhero.

Never miss a deadline again!

Give us your to-do list and focus on your love-to-do list

RoxNet Solutions is the secret weapon of successful people. In your work, business and personal routine, we manage your to-do tasks, so that you can focus on your love-to-do routines. Stuff like preparing PowerPoint presentations, writing a new blog post, or managing your social media.

Contact us…Delegate…Get professional results. Simple!

What We’re Great At

Web Assistant

Don’t have a website for your business or personal brand yet? Now’s your another chance. Got one already? Let’s get it optimised for you.

Social Media

Want to be able to leverage on social media to amplify business sales or personal brand? Our VAs are social media industry junkies and savvies.

Marketing Assistant

If you need digital marketing services like lead generation, online advertising, email marketing, SEO/SEM, then you need us, too.

Data Entry

Data is the new oil. In fact, Data + Skill is the formula of successful businesses. Let us help you plot the perfect graph to discovering your treasure chest.

Writing Assistant

Let us give your cover letter, resume, scholarship essay, blog post, marketing copies, business plans, business proposals, etc., the professional touch it needs.

Research Assistant

We can help you with your research work, whether it’s a tough business research or that head-aching academic paper that keeps eluding you with sleepless nights.

How We Work

At RoxNet, we don’t just offer services, we develop solutions for you. We pride ourselves in meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you get value for money as well as helping to propel your businesses and needs through innovative web solutions.

At each phase of our working process, we keep you in loop of the progress made, constantly getting feedback to ensure that the end product is not just satisfactory but unique.


Our first step is to profile your needs and goals. We would run your request against our task profiling tool to develop a thorough understanding of the project and determine the number of man-hours required to complete the task, as well as pricing.


We formulate a data-driven and result-yielding strategy based on the requirements and nature of the project to reflect your needs and goals. This strategy will in accordance with your needs and our core values.


Once an agreement is reached and contract signed, we would issue you an invoive containing the agreed fee and payment procedure, after which you would be required to make a 70% upfront paymnet before work commences on your project.


This is where we bring your ideas to life. Prototypes and blueprints come alive at this phase of the project. We develop the project ensuring that you are kept in the loop at every step of the way.


At this stage we review, refine and optimize the project by taking it through our quality assurance process, ensuring that our solution meets your needs. Our work only ends when you express utmost satisfaction with our solution.


After review and client satisfaction comes the big launch – your BIG idea or project goes live, you settle the outstanding 30% balance and we’ll be one email or call away for maintenance and support services.

You’re In Great Company

What Our Clients Say

We’ve served 50+ satisfied clients serviced and they all say amazing things about us. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

Oyekunle Damola

I’ve worked with RoxNet on several projects and it’s a relationship I’ve come to love. The customer-centric nature of the agency and prompt service delivery is remarkable. You’d have no worries working with them.

Lauretta Francis, Blogger

Let’s Work Together

Meet Your Deadlines and Achieve Your Goals

We offer bespoke virtual assistance services to fit your business’ unique needs and budget. 

Let’s work together on helping you meet your deadlines and achieve your goals.